Mary Suhm Gets Pay Raise

Today as I rolled through the streets of North Texas, flipping around the presets on my radio, I landed on the City of Dallas Classical Radio Station: WRR 101.1.  I'm not sure why WRR is one of my presets, but nonetheless, I heard chatter and banter rather than the soothing sounds of Bach, Beethoven or Chopin. 

I often forget that the Dallas City Council meetings can be heard on 101.1 on Wednesdays.  I tuned in to the meeting just in time to hear the council approve a raise for City Manager Mary Suhm.  After a nationwide search a couple of years ago, the city decided to hire from within, and promoted Ms. Suhm to City Manager.  She came into a pretty rough situation, but she has done an admirable job up to this point. 

On her watch, (as well as that of Asst. City Manager Ryan Evans) Victory Park has begun to sprout hotels and apartments, The Mercantile Building is being renovated, and Dallas is poised to pass the largest bond package in its history.

Ms. Suhm's salary will increase from $267,750, from $255,000. 

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