Starbucks ‘Song of the Day’ Promo giving customers free music for a month

starbucks2.jpgThis afternoon I walked in to Starbucks -it was a Strawberry Lemonade Blend sort of day- and found a nice surprise.  Starbucks is giving away a free song each day that can be downloaded from iTunes.

Today's selection from the Song of the Day promotion was Gloria Estefan's 90 Millas.  I can't say that one was at the top of my iTunes wish list, but it's free what can you say?

Other artists featured in the Starbucks/iTunes giveaway are John Legend, Alice Smith, Rissi Palmer, and Joss Stone. You must have an iTunes account and software to fully participate in the promotion.

So as you slide into Starbucks for your tall decaf espresso, grande caramel macchiato, or venti mocha frappachino, check the counter for a Song of the Day card.  Starbucks will giveaway songs until November 7 with download codes expiring December 31, 2007.

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