I’m voting ‘No’, hate to line up with the rest of the crew on this one

I have tell you, I had written an entire post titled "I'm voting Yes," with all these reasons why.  Many of them were in line with facts detailed by Renee at Blue Island.  

The Vote "No" people have not been straight with the citizens of Dallas in their reasoning.  They have used hot button issues to tug at emotions.  And I have been reluctant to align myself with the crew that has been assembled in the 'No' camp. 

But my No vote is based on a paragraph and a half that I read in the Dallas Morning News on August 15.  When I ran back across it in my research, it was just too much for me to ignore.

For a decade, TxDOT has crafted a two-pronged approach to unsnarling traffic through this critical spaghetti bowl of highways. Project Pegasus includes the redesign and reconstruction of the downtown interchange. And the Trinity Parkway provides congestion relief by carrying 90,000 to 100,000 vehicles per day.

The two pieces of the plan are interdependent. Abandoning the parkway isn't an option. "It's like a house of cards."

This information came from Tim Nesbitt, Texas Department of Transportation project manager.  The downtown interchanges are embarrassing.  Project Pegasus should have happened long ago if Dallas' leaders had any vision.  

I will reluctantly vote "No."  I don't want their tollway in our park, but we can't go back to the drawing board. Our park may suffer for their lack of foresight, but now we have to look towards the future.

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