Cowboys Stadium opens to poor reviews from many concert goers

It may be hard to tell by some media reports, but there are lots of complaints floating around about Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.  Traffic seemed to be better than expected, but concessions and sound quality were not.

Just from reading through comments on websites and reports, it looks like one of my concerns early was the real issue: the deadline of June 6th was too short.  If you looked at the stadium 6 weeks ago, in no way did it look like it would be ready for prime time.

Concessions were apparently a problem, as some reports had lines at an hour long.  Price…..well that’s to be expected ($7.50 Hot Dog, $14 Margarita).

And when you go to a concert at a venue as grand as Cowboys Stadium, you can’t expect the acoustics to be the same as your local black box theater.  We attended the Essence Festival when it was held at Houston’s Reliant Stadium in few years back, and the sound was far from perfect.  The Superdome is a much better place to watch a concert, but it’s not as big either.

Many of the problems, like the fact that there weren’t enough concession items on hand, should be worked out before the Jonas Brothers.  But some folks in the 400 section basically paid to watch the concert in high definition. At the end of the day, Cowboys Stadium is a football field, not an opera house.

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