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  1. I am in DeSoto, Tx and have time to volunteer for the Obama 2012 campaign. I cannot find a way to volunteer. Can you help?

  2. Hey Sean,

    Just wanted to share the following information with you and your readers, about TAJ CLAYTON, candidate for Congress in the 30th CD.

    On Saturday, March 3, TAJ CLAYTON, is kicking off his community block walking campaign and hosting an Open House of his new campaign HQ’s.

    What: Campaign HQ Open House

    When: Saturday, March 3, 10:00 a.m.

    Where: 1615 N. Hampton Road
    DeSoto, Texas 75115

    Please Call (972) 298-4700 for more information and directions

  3. Hi Mr. Williams
    I found your blog spot after hearing about a building condemnation by the City of Dallas over Lee Harvey Oswolds residence in 1962. You seem to be an adroit and responsible reporter and I thought you may like some additional information and insight into the last days of JFK. My Mother who is now 91 used to work for Phil Miller and Jack Ruby she has shared some interesting stories about them both. To my knowledge I believe she has never been interviewed. I am not looking for anything other than her story be told truthfully. I just thought you might be interested. You can contact me on Facebook.
    Kind regards.

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