Great Blogging While Brown Recap Video

Here’s a cool video which was recently posted on the Blogging While Brown website that recaps some of the presentations and panels that took place. ¬†I’m not just promoting it because I have a cameo at the beginning, there’s some good info here. ¬†Hopefully this will inspire some folks to attend next year who weren’t able to make it to Chicago.

Blogging While Brown: Video, Group Photo, and 15 questions caps look back at historic conference

Well here’s the final wrap up from Blogging While Brown. The only thing left is uploading all of my pictures to Flikr. First, check out this video from the conference shot and edited by Deborah Jones from D. Jones Productions.

Untitled from Gina McCauley on Vimeo.

Next you’ll find the group photo from Blogging While Brown that I have likened to the Niagara Movement. The Famous Freddy O was the official photographer of the conference.


Finally, while thumbing through Vibe magazine, I was inspired to ask 15 Questions I still had after the Blogging While Brown conference. Here we go.

1. Why do I like to say ‘Necole Bitchie‘ so much?

2. Is there anything better than the husband and wife blog team at Black and Married With Kids?

3. Shouldn’t we have known that there would be fireworks between former prosecutors Gina McCauley and Kevin Ross?

4. Had anyone else heard of a “domain name investor” before last week?

5. How did Theo Johnson from Now That’s What I’m Talking About know like every blogger at Blogging While Brown?

6. Does Deanna Sutton from Clutch Magazine carry a clutch purse everywhere she goes?

7. Is it just me, or was Attorney Mom the nicest person at BWB?

8. Where in the world does Carmen D. from All About Race get all that energy?

9. When Wayne Hicks from Electronic Village kept asking “You feeling me on this one,” did anyone else want to holler out “Hell Yeah Villager!!!”

10. If you are a blogger, don’t you wish you had been in Atlanta last week?

11. Why didn’t Gina tell me that her mom was the nice lady working registration?

12. Can anyone give me the number to Twitterholics anonymous for the tweeting habit I developed in Atlanta?

13. Could there be a more humble #1 Black Blogger than Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend?

14. Wasn’t it tight how Theo set up a live stream of the conference on the fly?

15. Why does God give people like Angela and Markus from Black Web 2.0 five talents and folks like me just one?