The Launch of Dallas South Blog

If Dallas South Blog were a store, this would be the Grand Opening.

If Dallas South Blog were a ship, this would be the Maiden Voyage.

If Dallas South Blog were a movie, this would be the Initial Screening.

Welcome to the Official Launch of Dallas South Blog!

As I began to share with my friends and my family that I was starting a blog, surprisingly enough, the most frequently asked question was, “What is a blog?” The name Mark Cuban usually followed soon thereafter. So for those who made it here but are still wondering, blog is short for “web log” and is an online journal created for the consumption of the general internet public. Blogs are places where a blogger (that’s me) can communicate with an audience (that’s you) on varying topics. It’s sort of a modern day water cooler.

This particular blog was created to discuss issues unique to Southern Dallas and Dallas County, specifically focusing on its African-American citizenry. There will also be comments on Black Issues in the national news as well. Please read the welcome post for a more detailed description.

The first necessity of a successful blog is TRAFFIC. That’s where you come in. Log on to Dallas South Blog to check for new posts, updated links, and the latest information. Your comments would be much appreciated, and shoot me an e-mail if there are topics that you think would make for interesting discussion. If you like what you see (and I’m sure you will), pass the website to like-minded individuals. Actually non like-minded individuals would be good to, send the website to any and everyone. Another important factor for a successful web log is LINKS. Feel free to create a link on your site to Dallas South Blog, and if you would like for me to include a link to your site let me know.

Keep the comments clean, and the conversation flowing.

God Bless,


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