Laura Miller Calling It Quits

Dallas Mayor Laura Miller has decided not to run for re-election next May. She has sighted a desire to spend more time with her children as her reason for leaving City Hall. I think many of you, especially citizens of Dallas, would like to join me as I push back my seat, stand to my feet, look towards the east and say: Good Riddance!!! I personally look at Laura Miller – the woman – and think that it's a shame that someone who is so obviously intelligent, can be so politically inept. Mayor Miller was extremely unpopular in Southern Dallas. The South single handedly defeated the strong-mayor propositions to spite Miller, and to ensure that she would never wield increased political power. Politicians, like athletes, are judged by wins and losses. Therefore, Mayor Miller's term at this time must be viewed as a failure. The scorecard reads as such: WINS Love Field deal with Ft. Worth Getting Police Chief Terrell Bolton Fired Pushing out Ted Benevides, City Manager LOSSES Dallas Cowboys stadium Strong Mayor Initiative Stronger Mayor Initiative 2003 Bond Packet 2006 Bond Proposal Land Swap/Tax Deal with Ray Hunt Much of this is about perception. Mayor Miller is perceived now as a supporter of the Trinity River Project, however her past objections muddied the waters so that it's hard to give her credit for a well played flip-flop. Dallas City Hall is perceived as a place bogged down by in-fighting and discord, due in large part to Miller's decade plus as mayor and councilperson. It's easy to bash Laura Miller; those who are as critical as she are always open to criticism. But there were good things about her tenure; including extending the OU-Texas deal at the Cotton Bowl, her support of a ban on smoking in Dallas restaurants, and the aforementioned deal between Dallas and Ft. Worth on Love Field flight restrictions. In the end, Madame Mayor couldn't see the forest for the potholes, as her focus on the little things detracted from her willingness, or her ability to set forth a vision for the city. It's time for a change, but my concern is that the next leader has yet to emerge. Whoever that may be, it will be impossible for them accrue to the poor record with southern Dallas voters that Laura Miller had. But that is no longer her concern. The mayor will now be cheering at baseball games, picking up her kids from school, and involving herself in the politics of her local PTA. Good Luck With All That.

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