Area Hit Hard by Metal Theft

Just want to make sure everyone is up to speed on the Copper Theft epidemic that has become all too familiar in the Dallas area, especially the south.  Please view the above link to see a recent story in the Dallas Morning News on this subject.

Copper thieves are stealing wires and pipes from any source that they can get their hands on.  Vacant houses have become easy targets, as they are ripping out plumbing, as well as air condition units and coiling.  Electrical wiring has also become a poplular target.  I've seen investors with older homes robbed, as well as new homes that builders are making ready for new owners.  Even street lights and stop lights have been vandalized for their wires.

The police can't keep up with the calls, so there will have to be something worked out with the Metal Recycling Facilities, to whom these people are selling thier stolen goods.  This is an issue that won't seem to go away.

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