Cowboys Get a Win at Giants Stadium

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What a difference 6 weeks makes. The last time I wrote about the Cowboys (Bledsoe…Romo…Oh No), the Giants had taken them to the woodshed, Bledsoe had been benched, and Romo had a less that stellar debut.  But look at the 'Boys now, 8-4 with a two game lead in the division. If Dallas finds a way to beat the Saints at home next week, they will almost assure themselves a bye in the playoffs and home field advantage in their first game.  Since Romo's been in where's all this T.O. commotion that's supposed to be taking place? (see Time Out for T.O. Hating)  His biggest problem is that he wants to win too much.  Since the team is doing well, T.O.'s happy, even though Terry Glenn has had more big catches during the win streak.

Parcells deserves a lot of credit; everything he's done this year has turned to gold.  Dallas looks more comfortable in their 3-4 defense this year. Romo has justified the Cowboys extending his contract and elevating him to starter.  And even the Cowboys cutting ties with Mike Vanderjunk paid off with Martin Gramatica booted the game winning field goal with :01 seconds left in the game.                                         


I'm sure local sports talk is hoping for a Cowboy loss in the near future. It's hard to be "All Negative, All the Time," when the team is winning.  A survey of the post-game shows saw the both the Ticket and ESPN finding ways to pick apart the Cowboy win.  Both stations had personalities who overhyped the game as "The biggest game in the Parcells Era."  The Cowboys beat a desperate Giant team fighting for tier playoff lives in a hostile environment. 

Yet there was a lot of talk about Romo not having a good game. As I listed to Norm Hitzges on the Rangers Flagship, it was hard to take his criticism too serious since he had picked the Cowboys as a "Triple Play" and Dallas didn't cover the spread.  And on ESPN, Dale Hansen grudgingly admitted that the Gramatica move paid off for Parcells "this week" and quickly said, "let's move on."  At least Cowboy fans can enjoy this game for what it was, a victory.  And in the end, what else even matters?

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