Big Tuck looking for a Big Tuesday

Big Tuck 1.jpgDo you know who Big Tuck is?  I have to admit; I had no idea who Big Tuck was until the last week or so.

The Dallas Morning News had an extensive article on the South Dallas rapper by Thor Christensen in Sunday's Guide Live section.  Big Tuck is also the Artist of the Week at Pegasus News.  All the hype is over Tuck's debut solo album scheduled to drop on Tuesday.  This could be the project that puts Dallas on the Hip Hop map. 

After I visited Big Tuck's website I realized I'd heard a couple of his songs, including I Know You Want That featuring Chamillionaire and U Can't See Me. I'm probably not in the demo(graphic) for this album, but I might have to buy a CD on Tuesday to support the local talent.

When I read through Big Tuck's bio on his website, one thing immediately jumped out at me.  It leads me to this question: What do Big Tuck, Paul Wall, and Master P have in common?  Answer – They all went to College.  Paul Wall and Master P both attended the University of Houston (P later transferred to Merritt Jr. College), while Tuck left Dallas to attend the University of Arkansas -Pine Bluff on a music scholarship.                                     

This hits at one of the early posts on this blog (UNT-Dallas: Is Education the Salvation), that Dallas misses out by not having a public 4-year institution of higher learning.  Yes, even rappers benefit from a college education, ask anyone who attended Howard with P.Diddy.  Imagine if Big Tuck and other aspiring local artists, especially Booker T. Washington grads, could further their muic educations here in Dallas. 

But let's keep a look out for Big Tuck on Tuesday.  If things work out as planned, it could be a big day for the Dallas music scene.

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