Nephew Tommy visits with Dallas South

tommy2.bmpBy now, fans of the Steve Harvey Morning Show have found them at their new home on 105.7 KRNB.  The show has made a few subtle changes, including the addition of "Nephew Tommy" a.k.a. Thomas Miles.  In the interview that follows, Tommy tells a great story about touring with the late great Luther Vandross, as well as what it's like working with Steve Harvey everyday.

DSB: The first time I saw your work was the Kappa Komedy Jam on the campus of Texas A&M University circa 1993.  What has the journey been like that has brought you from there to the Steve Harvey Morning Show?

NT:  I went on the road and started doing stage plays after Texas A&M. This really helped me croon my craft. I toured with stage play for 10 years. During that same 10 years I started doing stand-up comedy in the summer time while the plays were in hiatus. I found out I could really do this with very little effort. I learned how to act like a comedian. I'm an ACTOR, and once I got the rhythm of a stand-up comedian there was no stopping me.

And then in 97-98, I got the call to open up for Luther Vandross. I was supposed to sub for a week in place of a comedian who had toured with him for years. When that week had finished, I thought to myself, "this has been a blast". Luther's tour Manager came to me on my last night and said, "Luther wants to keep you for the rest of the tour…you think you might want to stay?"  I cried like a baby.  It was truly a blessing for me. I winded up staying with Luther for three years. He even took me on tour with him to Europe.

Now that was the challenge…I had to change all my jokes in less than two days. I had to get in the streets and watch the people. I studied the European lifestyle so that I could find the funny in it, and I did…and I delivered!!! After returning to the states I went to hang with my Uncle Steve in Los Angeles. He invited me to come and hang out with him on the radio and wild out.  I said, "cool, but I'm going back on tour in a few months with Luther…I can't be fooling around with you on no damn radio."

Luther never came back he got sick and as you know later passed away. God rest his soul. Isn't it amazing how God gives you something now that you're going to need later on. And you don't even know it while it's happening. So, that's how me and Unc got on the radio together. They love the crazy countriness that we put out on a daily basis.

DSB:  I know some aspiring comics trying to make it in the game.  What's been the key you your success and what would you tell young comics coming up?

NT:   Your skin has to be tough for this business. You can't quit. You must know what's funny and what's not…there will be days when you will be on stage practicing in a night club and you will be dieing, but you have to come right back the next night and perfect what you screwed up. "Determination" is a must!!!!

DSB:  What type of response do you get from the listeners of the Steve Harvey Morning Show?

NT:  People enjoy my character, "Nephew Tommy". I represent the common man…the guy that's on the come up.  I love plus size women -don't hate it's my preference- but I'm always screwing up some kinda way and my uncle will reprimand me at any point…family or no family.  Sometimes I just can't quite get it right, what can I say I'm the lovable loser. 

But I’ve got all the acting skills in the world and I'm just waiting for my break so I can show the world.  And if you want to know the truth about Nephew Tommy/Thomas Miles, go to my Nephew Tommy My Space Page   and click on the YouTube called watch Tommy go to work…and you will see, I am the TRUTH!!!!!!!!

DSB:  What has it been like working with a comedy legend like Steve Harvey?

NT: Steve and I have become closer friends. We play a lot of golf, smoke a lot of cigars and cuss each other out on the regular. I call it millionaire training. I'm in training to be a millionaire. Steve has taught me so many ways to make money and he's also taught me how to continue to make money.

I'm kinda glad I didn't start making good money until my late 30's. I needed guidance on this financial thing. If I would have came across a lot of money in my 20's I would have blown it all away. But Steve has taken me under his wing and shown me how to have longevity in this business and my bank account. God is good.

DSB:  What other projects do you have going besides the morning show?

NT:  I am currently work-shopping a play I wrote a while back entitled, "Where's Pappa Ray's Money". It's being work-shopped in Dallas, and will be touring the country by the latter part of 2007. I am also doing quite a bit of Stand-Up Comedy around the country, mostly Improv Comedy Clubs. And don't be surprised if you start catching me on the big screen real soon…"That is the goal you know."

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