Dallas Gets Green with Big Blue Recycling Carts


O.K. you know it's pretty bad when I had a reminder on my phone Tuesday morning telling me about the start of the new Dallas "Too Good To Throw Away" Recycling Program.  As I read the alert, I lamented the fact that I had not received my Big Blue recycling roll-cart.  My original request had not been processed, so I called Dallas 311 last week to see when I could get my cart. 

When I entered my neighborhood after work Tuesday, there were regular trash carts throughout since today was our regular trash day.  I again thought about the fact that I had yet to receive my recycling receptacle.  But what's a guy to do?

Then as I turned onto my street, an unfamiliar object sat in the middle of my driveway. My Big Blue Roll-Cart was there waiting for me!!!

                                        Blue Cart 002.jpg

The cart came with pictures and information regarding what type of items can be recycled plastered right on the outside of the bin.  There was also additional information attached, including which days recycled items in my area would be serviced. 

                                        Blue Cart 004.jpg

The Dallas program will have a twice-monthly pickup.  Dallas residents can call Dallas 311 or click here to get your own big blue bin.  I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

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