Missing Terrell Women Made Up Story of Abduction

It was a strange story from the beginning, a story that my mom was skeptical of from the very beginning.  We watched Fox 4's report of the two missing Terrell women on last nights 9 o'clock newscast.  By the time I watched the story again, it seemed like this would be something good to blog about.  Before I could get out a couple of good sentences and download pictures of the young ladies, Fox 4 reported that the girls had been found in Lampasas.  My first thought was where is Lampasas?  My mom still wasn't buying it.

Then tonight we saw that Fox was reporting that the girls' story was made up because they missed curfew.  It's unfortunate that so many people who prayed all night with the family and searched the woods of N. Dallas were repaid with the news that they had been hoaxed.  One of the girls' visibly upset father reported to the media what had transpired, and apologized on behalf of the girls and their families.   What a shame.

Mesquite has decided not to press charges. 

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