Meeting Tyrone Brown – Dallas Man Freed after excessive sentence

God is good.  I went to church Monday night, like I do every Monday night looking forward to fellowship with the brothers in our men's meeting. When I walked through the doors and shook off my umbrella from the rain that had set in, I saw two men that I knew talking to a tall slender gentleman whose face I did not recognize.  I worked my way into the conversation because I hadn't been to Friendship-West in a couple of weeks and I was just glad to see anybody.  Then one of the brothers said, "Shawn, have you met Tyrone Brown?"

For those of you who do not know who Tyrone Brown is, you can catch up with his story here, here or here.

In short, a Dallas judge sentenced Mr. Brown to life in prison after testing positive for marijuana while on probation for armed robbery.  Tyrone was 17 at the time, and served 16 years and 10 months before being released from prison a week and a half ago. Just two months ago Judge Victor Lander stood at our Sunday Service while Lt. Governor David Dewhurst was in attendance and petitioned for Tyrone's release.  The next night at a Men's Worship Service we prayed for Tyrone and God that He would see fit to allow him to be free. 

Now here I was face-to-face with the man that we had prayed for, written letters to, and stood with. After shaking hands and embracing, we talked for a few minutes, then Tyrone sat and talked with more of the men at the church later in the evening.  Mr. Brown had a look in his eyes of a man who was on a mission, and a man (obviously) who has a story to tell.  What we talked about is not important, but the fact that Tyrone is out and able to share is very important.  For anyone who doubts, just know that prayer changes things.  It's the battering ram that knocks down walls of oppression.  And it was prayer that allowed Tyrone Brown to fellowship with us on Monday night. 

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