Texas/OU – PV/Grambling to stay at Cotton Bowl

The Dallas Morning News has learned that the Texas/OU football game, as well as the PV/Grambling game will both be played at the Cotton Bowl through 2015.  Dallas Mayor Laura Miller will announce the new agreement at a press conference on Friday at 9am.  To everyone who has called expressing how stupid our city is for continuing to pour millions of dollars into the  stadium. 

You have to give Mayor Miller her credit on this one, she hung in and made it happen.  It helps to get a deal done when the both are negotiating in good faith.

Between the stadium renovations already underway and on the horizon, coupled with State Fair additions that are taking place, I think other college football games will find their way to D-Town.  We the citizens will have to do our part when these events come to town to help the attendance.  I'll make sure to catch one of the two this year, though it would pain me to have to sit through a T.U. game.  

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