Oakley and Leppert headed for June 16 runoff for Dallas Mayor

I can't say I was terribly shocked with the results of Saturday's Dallas Mayoral election.  This is America, and so many times the guy who spends the most money gets the most votes.  This is not to throw rocks at Mr. Leppert – heck I voted for him – but it is what it is. 

oak.jpgEd Oakley ran a steady campaign, and finished no worse than 3rd in any council district.  His name recognition was highest among the throng of candidates, and he has touted his work in the "southern sector."  Mr. Oakley represents the district that I live in, and I'd have to say that much of that work has been done in the northern section of Place 3.  

I actually didn't decided who I was going to vote for until the day I went to early vote.  I like Don Hill, and have had the occasion to see him in action.  The FBI investigation (which Pegasus News seems to think is hilarious) has yet to produce anything of substance and here it is a couple of years out.  Sam Coats campaign really spoke to me, but he was a little late to the party.

images.jpgIn the end I decided to go for Tom Leppert, as I will again in the June 16 runoff.  I think Dallas could use a C.E.O. type right now, and maybe he can instill enough confidence in the populous that they will support a strong mayor proposal this time.  It does feel funny to support the guy that North Dallas favors, but he seems to sincerely want to change the course of Dallas politics.  During the campaign I saw him at my church a number of times and he and his wife took time to have a conversation with my son.  You can't help but be biased by something like that.

Oakley's record is solid, but some of his business interests in the Trinity area that came up during the campaign bothered me.  I don't feel like District 3 is whole, so expecting Mr. Oakley  to bring the city together may be a stretch.   I have reservations about Leppert as well.  My concerns are more with his "now he lives here, no he doesn't" routine than with his country club affiliations.  

There's no perfect candidate, and these two are far from it. But I will again vote for Tom Leppert to replace that lady who currently serves as the leader of Dallas.  Have I ever said that I'm ready for her to go? 

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