Michael, Walt, Rose: Who’s in the casket on ABC’s ‘Lost’?

MICHAEL.jpgFor anyone who watches 'Lost', there was a scene in the season finale where Jack goes into a funeral home to view a body.  The director of the episode made a point to show that Jack was in a predominantly Black neighborhood.  I immediately wondered what he was doing in this part of town and who was he going to see.

When he enters the empty funeral home, the casket was sitting up front with no one else in the room.  A black man, who seemed to be a preacher or funeral home director comes out from the back.  

There are two places where white folks and black folks truly don't trust one another: barbershops and funeral homes. (I'm cutting church a break on this one).  I can't imagine there being a white body in that casket.  What white person do you know who was buried in a black funeral home or vice versa? 

ROSE.jpgThere is a lot of internet speculation that John Locke or Sawyer (both white characters) were being funeralized in the future during the show's season finale.  There are a few strange things about this scene however, one being the fact that no one showed up for the funeral. We love a good funeral, so it's hard to imagine one taking place in the black community and no one showing up for the wake or viewing. 

I mean really, no one to climb in the casket, no one to bring by baked goods for the bereaved.  And if it's an African-American man or woman, how could they have a funeral so fast?  There has to be someone in the family to hold the body over until the following weekend.  

I have to give it to them, the writers/producers threw a couple of pretty big curves, even with Walt making a guest appearance in the finale.  I initially thought Rose was in the casket but now I'm gonna have to go with Michael, Walt, or someone who we haven't seen on screen yet.   

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