My favorites continued – Numbers 6, 5, and 4

Three more of my favorites including 2 breaking news stories and my most popular subject.

#6 –  Black Images Book Store is Shutting Down

Dallas South Blog was the first entity to report that Mrs. Emma Rodgers was shutting down Black Images, leaving a void in Wynnewood Village and the African-American community.  The Dallas Morning News followed up with a story two days later, and then Channel 8 did a piece as well.  Mrs. Rodgers is still pursuing her passion, promoting black authors around town. 

#5 –  Don Imus calls Rutgers Women's Basketball Team "nappy headed hos"

Before going to bed on April 6, I received an email blast from Essence Magazine alerting me to the Imus story. I posted the transcript that same night and because of how the internet works, many surfers searching for updates were directed to Dallas South the following week.  April 10th of that week became the busiest day in the history of the site, with 1,048 unique visitors.  That week was also the busiest week thus far in Dallas South's one year history.  This also caused April to be the busiest month (over 17,000 visitors).  

#4 – Does Porn Count as Economic Development?

I believe that Dallas South was the first to jump on this story, though lots of people knew that New Fine Arts had planned to locate to Oak Cliff before I did.  Scott Goldstein of the Dallas Morning News did a great job of following up on the story and eventually the proprietors decided to put the building on Westmoreland up for sale.  The owners are still searching for a buyer. 

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