Dear 7-11; Could You Please Fix Your Sign in Oak Cliff

Dear 7-11,

I hate to bother you guys over in your new digs at One Arts Plaza, but I was hoping you might be able to do me a solid.  It seems this big storm blew through town on May 2, and we got hit pretty hard down in Oak Cliff.  There were trees and power lines down everywhere, and even some signs that were destroyed by the hurricane like winds that blew through that day. That's where you guys come in. 

There's a 7-11 at the southwest intersection of Polk and Kiest (let me know if you need directions) that was blown out in LAST MONTH'S storm.  As a matter of fact I have some pictures of how the sign looks right here.  (Just click on the images to enlarge)

Real Men Cook 005.jpg     Real Men Cook 004.jpg    Real Men Cook 002.jpg

I'm hoping you all will consider sending someone out to get this thing fixed. After driving by this hulled out structure for six weeks, I didn't know who else to contact.

Since your headquarters is here in Dallas, maybe someone has an extra sign in their office or under a desk somewhere.  I just drove by the store this afternoon (Sunday Jun. 17) and it's still in disrepair.

Finally, I stopped by your new store in the Arts District – nice.  It seems no one currently shops there, but you guys will clean up when Booker T. moves back to the neighborhood. 

Yours Truly, 


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