Skip Murphy leaves K104; Skip Cheatham to host new morning show

skip and co.jpgThis morning K104 on air personality Skip Murphy announced that he would no longer host the station's morning show.  Murphy said it was "time to make that move," when a caller asked why he was leaving.  He didn't answer another caller's question on whether this was a managment decison or his own.  I'm told it was a management decision.

Skip_Cheatham-best-photo.jpgSkip Murphy also said he was "growing up out of this," referring to K104's shift to a hip-hop format.  Murphy will host a show from 3-7 p.m. on K104's sister station KRNB 105.7.  Skip Cheatham was announced as Murphy's replacement (did he hire himself?).   

Cheatham will have the chance to see if he can stop the bleeding, as K104's ratings have been in a tailspin in recent years.  Rickey Smiley and Steve Harvey have both seen ratings increases at the expense of K104.   

This marks the true end of the Skip Murphy & Co. Morning Show era, which has had a 15 year run on K104.  The demise of the show began when Wig was let go, and  Nannette Lee's departure was the nail in the coffin.  All of them deserved better, but in radio and television, that's just kind of how it goes. 

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  1. Bennie Toole says:

    When will they stop Running? I truly enjoy the oldies, I am from the old era so find some older persons that also enjoy our music and let the young ones move on.

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