Facebook Training Sessions

DSC04463.JPGI sat in on a couple of the training sessions that the Young Democrats were running today.  The first one I sat in on was Getting Votes From Facebook, which was run by Gary Moody who is Executive Director of the Young Democrats of Arkansas .  For those who are not familiar, Facebook is a social networking site that started out for college students, but has branched out to businesses, high schools and organizations.  

DSC04469.JPGThe Arkansas Democrats have dedicated an intern in their office specifically to Facebook (and MySpace) initiatives.  Mr. Moody asked the 40 or so participants in the session whether or not they had a facebook account and all but three raised their hands – 4 if you count me.

Moody encouraged all the Young Democrats to leverage Facebook for all the contacts that are available to them. Many of the participants where already using the site to attract and retain members.

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