Dallas County D.A. Craig Watkins receives package relating to Trinity River signatures

Watkins_Craig02.jpgOn Wednesday, the Dallas Morning News reported that Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins had not seen potentially fraudulent petition signatures relating to the Trinity River petition.  Mr. Watkins has apparently since received some information regarding the signatures.

"I can confirm that a packet from the City Secretary, Deborah Watkins, reached my desk today, but will not be able to comment on the contents," said D.A. Watkins.  "In terms of next steps, as with any potential case, the materials will be reviewed by the appropriate division in our office and they will make a recommendation based on their findings whether the complaint warrants a criminal investigation." 

The News article, written by Dave Levinthal, quotes the City Secretary as saying that her office, "noted a pattern of irregularities regarding some of the petition pages submitted."  Over the weekend, Ms. Watkins' office certified that TrinityVote had collected enough valid voter signatures to prompt a citywide vote in November regarding a proposed tollway that would run near yet to be built Trinity parks.

See a Dallas South summary of the TrinityVote proposed ordinance here.

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