Javante Ingram of Carrollton crowned Miss Teen United States

TEXASTeen.jpgMiss Javante Allegra Ingram of Carrollton was crowned Miss Teen United States in Las Vegas this past Wednesday (Aug. 1). Miss Ingram is a 16 year-old junior at Carrollton's American Heritage Christian Academy. The pageant was held at Las Vegas' Orleans Hotel. 

Delegates between the ages of 16-19 competed in three categories: Judges Interview, Evening Gown, and Swimsuit.  According to the pageant website judging criteria includes: knowledge, perception, self-expression, spontaneity, and personality. Also important are use of vocabulary, voice, appearance, and grooming.  The Top Six contestants moved on to the finals, which consisted of an on stage question and answer.

Javante is extremely active in her school and community.  The honor student has served on the student council and as co-chair of the spirit committee.  She has been invited to participate in honor council for the upcoming school year.

Javante was able to represent Texas because of an essay that she wrote and due to her exemplary character.  Leading up to the pageant Javante studied the book of Esther.  She often took time during the pageant to lead the contestants in prayer during the competition.

Miss Ingram is relatively new to the pageant scene, while many of her fellow delegates began competing in these types of events during their pre-kindergarten years.  According to her mother, Ms. Lisa Marshall, Javante's goal when traveling to Las Vegas for the pageant was only "to be the light."  She apparently succeeded, as she not only took home the crown, but was awarded Miss Congeniality as well. (Lisa said Javante has watched the movie Miss Congeniality continuously over the last few months).

Ms. Marshall was elated as she spoke of her daughter's most recent accomplishment.  "This is just God's grace," the single mother said as she recounted the events of the week.  Pageant workers, contestants, and parents expressed to Ms. Marshall throughout the process what a joy Javante was to work with.  "That was a blessing to me," Ms. Marshall said, as she watched her daughter display the values she has worked so hard to instill in her. 

As queen, Javante's platform is "to work with girls who have low self-esteem to help them have a better self-perception."  This is in line with an organization she started at her school called Operation Positive Self Perception.  Miss Ingram initiated this effort because everyday she heard young ladies express feelings of pity, unworthiness and self-doubt.

Ms. Marshall has agreed to share pictures from the Miss Teen United States pagent with Dallas South.  I will also bring you more about the wonderful accomplishments of this remarkable young queen in days ahead. 

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