Murder and Robbery don’t keep Big Creek Six off the streets

Ever wonder why there is such a disparity between the number of African-Americans in prison vs. the number of Anglos?  Here's something to consider.  Folks like the Big Creek Six involved in the torture of Megan Williams are able to walk the streets while others do prison time for lesser offenses. 

These people (Big Creed) literally "kill and steal" for years, but up until this weekend were out in the free.  A refresh on some of the over the top punishment for African-Americans.

Tyrone Brown got a life sentence for failing a drug test while on probation for armed robbery when he was 16.

Mychal Bell (Jena 6) was convicted of aggravated second-degree battery for a school fight.  Bell's priors included battery and damage to property. 

Genarlow Wilson remains in jail for having consensual sex as a 17 year-old  with 15 year-old girl. 

Here' the rap sheet for the Big Creek Six according to the Charlston Daily News .

Frankie Brewster

In July 1994, Frankie Brewster was arrested and charged in the first-degree murder of Polly T. Farrell, the 84-year-old mother of her live-in boyfriend, Bisha Tomblin. Farrell was shot at least four times.

Frankie Brewster eventually pleaded guilty to lesser charges of voluntary manslaughter and wanton endangerment with a firearm. She was jailed at the Pruntytown Correctional Center and released on parole in 2000.

Bobby Brewster

While Frankie Brewster was in jail, Bisha Tomblin was shot and killed by his son, Bobby Brewster, who was 14 then. It is unknown how much time Brewster served for the crime. 

Bobby Brewster was arrested in 2006 for obstruction and battery of a police officer. He was arrested in March for brandishing a deadly weapon and domestic assault. All those charges were eventually dismissed.

Danny Combs

Danny Combs was arrested in 2005 for domestic assault and violation of a protective order. Those charges were dismissed. In August 2006, he was arrested on charges ranging from unlawful malicious wounding to domestic battery.

Karen Burton

Karen Burton has a record dating back to 1991 when she was arrested for driving under the influence. During the past 16 years, she has been arrested for various offenses including numerous public intoxication charges, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges.

Alisha Burton and George Messe

Earlier this year, Alisha Burton and George Messer were indicted by a grand jury after an August 2006 incident where they assaulted and robbed a Logan County woman at her home.

According to court records, the two broke into the woman's home, then proceeded to "assault in and about her face and body with their fists" and committed "partial strangulation."

The charges were dismissed in April after prosecutors could not find the victim.

The point, as always is not that justice should ignore Tyrone, Mychal, and Genarlow.  But justice is supposed to be blind.  There is not fair application of the law when it comes to white and black in this country and this part of why the U.S. is not respected in would opinion as a true democratic nation. 

Being tough on crime is code for "put as many black men (and women) in jail as it will hold."  Letting criminals like the Big Creek 6 walk is good ol' American Justice.

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