“Counterpunch” on Jena 6, Shaquanda Cotton, and Blog Power

Realize that if you are reading this message, you are part of blog power.  If you are reading this post, you are part of a new movement to seek out more about what's really going on in this country. 

We cannot solely rely on traditional media sources to get the full picture.  For years black periodicals and newspapers have fought to present an opposing voice with varying levels of success.

This new civil rights movement is not only about people who blast out info regarding the latest wrongs that needs to be righted.  It's also about the readers who e-mail links, who comment, who give feedback.  So for that, I would like to say thank you.

Here's an article from the website Counterpunch, which highlights the progression of black blogs as an alternative media source.  Some quotes from the article:

"the mainstream media has felt absolutely no obligation to cover the (Jena) story with appropriate depth. The New York Times has not covered it at all. Neither has the Washington Post, whose vast website carry a single AP article on the subject…

This suggests that protest marches ain't dead yet, but have just been heavily augmented as part of a multi-pronged strategy toward achieving justice. A collaboration between new school blogging and old-school marching will allow thousands to "get on the bus" and get over to Jena, Louisiana this Thursday.

While such a suggestion may only be a pipe dream, BLOG POWER is not quietly hoping for Senators, governors, and other elected officials to do their job, nor is it patiently waiting for Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, or Joe Scarbarough to determine what is newsworthy. BLOG POWER is a place that demands an end to mainstream media's insidious practice of "racism-by-omission."

Click here to read the article in its entirety. 

Thanks to Bronze Trinity for the heads up. 

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