Dallas South Rewind: September 23 – September 29

Here's my look back at last week and some of the stories the I wasn't able to bring to Dallas South.

1.  The Chicago Tribune's Howard Witt continued his excellent Jena coverage with a story on the release of Mychal Bell

2.  The demolition of the American Inn in South Dallas is posted at Dallas Progress.  Mike Davis and Dwaine Caraway were instrumental in shutting down the hot sheet motel.

3.  CNN contributor Roland Martin weighs in on Bill O'Reilly's comments about his lunch at Harlem's Sylvia's restaurant.

4.  Electronic Village reports on a Palmdale CA teen beaten by a security guard over refusing to pick up cake crumbs.

5.  Francis Holland writes at the Huffington Post on why the word 'race' word is wrong

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