Dallas Morning News accepts the challenge, will begin to use the term ‘Southern Dallas’

logo_dallas_morning_news.gifIn a post on the Dallas Morning News Editorial Blog, Sharon Grigsby states that the DMN writing team has struggled to find an alternative to the term "Southern Sector."  "Our writing team has the same negative reaction to the term,"  Gribsby says in the post, "but we've been hard-pressed to come up with an alternative."

It seems that Dallas South Blog has helped them to solve their problem.  "…thanks to Shawn Williams at Dallas South Blog for unintentionally coming to our aid," the post goes on to say. "It's simple: Southern Dallas.  Just one more example of what we learn when we leave the fourth floor and actually dig into the communities we are trying to cover."

I commend the Morning News for taking what may seem like a trivial step to some.   The change is a subtle yet significant step that helps in the effort to make Dallas whole. 

I'd encourage other media outlets to make the same move of ditching the term "Southern Sector." I call on other bloggers and those who leave comments here to do the same.  

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