On the Trinity Vote

Not much for me to say here, but I would advise reading the Final Analysis of the Trinity Vote at Dallas Progress.

The victory goes in the win column of Tom Leppert which makes him 3 for 3 in my book (election, runoff, Trinity).  Too bad the strong mayor initiative isn't coming up for a vote.

Tom Leppert has substantial political capital with me right now.  I've seen Mr. Leppert talking to citizens and sharing with families in places where there were no cameras around.  That's a novel concept for a politician.  I'm gonna give him a shot.

Another winner in my eyes is Angela Hunt.  She did what so many of us are afraid to do; sacrifice personal and political gain for what she felt was right. This was a close vote, and considering every other elected official in Dallas lined up against her, it went really well.

Dallas comes out as a two fold winner.  First the Trinity Project will move forward.  Leppert had vowed to move the project forward and with all of the officials that supported "No", they should know we'll all be watching.

Second, it caused the city to take a look at how politicians can take their electorate for granted.  At the end of the day, we are not getting what we want.  We are getting what "they" think is best.  An earlier intervention may have yielded a different outcome. 

Hopefully two words that Dallas citizens learned from this are PROJECT PEGASUS.  Think of the High 5 project, but in downtown Dallas (not a good thought).  This is what will eventually get traffic moving downtown. 

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