Baisden issues apology for situation with Color of Change funding

Michael Baisden issued an apology to Color of Change regarding statements that were made on The Michael Baisden Show.  I couldn't find the information on his website, but the response is available at his Mingle City Forum. Below is Mr. Baisden's Response to Color of Change followed by comments that I left on the Mingle City site.


The Michael Baisden show and staff were given inaccurate information regarding donations made by the public and David Bowie. We apologize to our listeners and to ColorofChange for not seeking more reliable sources. According to documentation provided by the organization through their web site, all the funds collected by ColorofChange have been distributed to the families as promised.

We do, however, respect the right of four of the Jena 6 families who have insisted that ColorofChange discontinue collection of any monies on their behalf. But this should not reflect on the integrity of this organization which has collected and distributed over $200,000 to their legal defense.

Any insinuations that were made about me wanting to be the sole fundraiser for legal defense is ridiculous. I am too tired after my radio gig to take on that responsibility, and furthermore, it is impossible. No one man or organization can fund the movement of an entire nation.

I am relieved to have put this behind us so that both our organizations can get back to the business of helping people. There is nothing wrong with having disagreements, as long as you love the people enough to work it out, sooner rather than later.

Thanks again for your support of the many organizations that are doing an outstanding job of raising money to help those who desperately need it. We’ve got a long way to go family and we won’t get there unless we work together. Divided we fall!

My Comment at Mingle City  

I was very disappointed by Mr. Baisden's characterization of Color of Change as "shady" on his show earlier this week.  While entitled to his own opinion, Mr. Baisden should have thought about what those comments may have meant to "the movement", of which he is a crucial part.

Though he rightly apologized for not checking sources, he did not make mention of the inflammatory statements he made regarding individuals at Color of Change.  I say inflammatory because the internet has been burning up due to his “shady” comments more so than his accusation of financial indiscretions.

A wise friend told me that "the truth spoken out of season bears no fruit."  Well there hasn't been any truth to the charges levied against Color of Change, and the opinion of the group being "shady" has produced nothing but a setback to the cause.

I will continue to listen to The Michael Baisden Show, because I believe it provides value, and a necessary discourse between African-American men and women.  But I would urge Mr. Baisden to consider the place he now holds in Black America.  What is acceptable in a "love, lust, and lies" environment may be totally inappropriate when it comes to issues of justice, equality, and the betterment of our community. 

Shawn Williams
Dallas South Blog


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