Pikahsso is at it again, finalist in VH1’s eCritic contest


Pikahsso of PPT fame is everywhere.  Earlier this week I posted his latest video "Faleyah."  Now our man on the street is making waves as a militant movie critic.

Pik has entered a movie review segment called the "Militant Movie Moment" into VH1's eCritic contest.  He is one of 3 finalists in VH1's quest to find the best amateur movie critic.

The Militant Movie Moment review of Rob Zombie's Halloween can be viewed at the VH1 eCritic Website. While there, you can vote for your favorite local rapper/movie critic.  Voting ends on December 15 and once you sign up for eCritic (takes 30 seconds) you can vote everyday until the deadline.

I'm asking everybody to take a moment to click here, watch Pikahsso's review, and cast your vote (daily if possible) for his entry.


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