Black Couple Tasered in Madison area Mall while Christmas shopping

Tasered While Black alerts us to another instance of African-Americans tasered by police.  This time it was a Madison, Wisconsin couple out doing some Christmas shopping.

See Tasered While Black's full report here

An officer used a Taser on a man identified as Major T. Lemon, 44, after police said he resisted attempts to escort him from West Towne Mall in Madison.  They were looking for a suspect reported to have been carrying a handgun.  Police arrived and found a man matching the description (Black) of the person who supposedly had a gun.

Tara Emery-Walls, the general manager at the nearby Arby's, felt that officers overreacted. "I didn't think it was right," she said. "A bunch of people were in here shopping.  There were kids in here."

Taser happy cops continue to give good police officers a bad name.  Thanks to Tasered While Black for this report.  

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