Dallas South’s Top 7 of ’07

Craig Watkins

watkinscraig.jpgYou can read the recent post below outlining what Texas Monthly says about Craig Watkins, naming the Dallas Co. District Attorney  "Impact Player of the Year ."  I remember Watkins campaigning for DA 5 years ago when no one, including myself, thought he had much of a chance.  He had a good showing against incumbent Bill Hill, and eventually defeated Hill's handpicked successor Toby Shook. 

Watkins' commitment to justice is changing the culture of the Dallas County Courthouse. 

Robert Gates

gates.jpgDr. Robert Gates has brought stability and sensibility back to the Pentagon in his role as Secretary of Defense.  His pragmatic approach to leadership is a trait that was non-existent when Rumsfield and Cheney were running amuck in the White House. 

It's way to early to say that the tide has turned in the war in Iraq, but there seems to at least be more credibility now that Gates is at the helm.  

Mike Davis

mike-davis.jpgWhat can I say?  Mike Davis is a brother's brother and a blogger's blogger.  Not only has he achieved tons of local accolades for his website, but Mike also helped Dwaine Caraway get elected to the city council and was appointed to the Dallas City Plan Commission. 

If every city had a Mike Davis, the U.S. would be a much better place.

Gina McCauley

foolishness.pngGina McCauley burst on the scene this year as a major player in the blogosphere.  Gina was the driving force behind BET changing the name of one of their shows from 'Hot Ghetto Mess' to 'We Got to do Better.'

Gina was named by Essence Magazine as one of the 25 Most Influential African-Americans.  She continues her work at her website What About Our Daughters.

Tom Leppert

leppert.jpgTom Leppert in my opinion is a guy who always seems like an outsider who finds a way to become an insider.  Dallas' new mayor isn't flashy, but he gets the job done.   

Since taking office, Leppert has shown a willingness to work with people from all over the city for the betterment of Dallas.  His only agenda seems to be pushing the city forward and doing what he can to help Dallas realize its potential. 

Barack Obama 

barack_obama_portrait_2005.jpgMany forget that Jesse Jackson's '88 presidential campaign won 13 primaries and caucuses and 29 percent of the total primary vote." It was the highest total ever for a runner-up. 

Barack Obama's campaign is attracting a wide base of support, and who knows what will happen between now and March.  The junior Senator from Illinois has run an extremely positive and effective campaign so far and I look forward to what the new year will bring. 

Jill Scott 

jillscott1.jpgJill Scott is nominated for 3 Grammy Awards for her 2007 release The Real Thing.  The album has been a hit with fans as well as critics.  Her openness and vulnerability displayed in song answers the question posed by her first album, Who Is Jill Scott?

Though she had personal issues to deal with in '07, Jill Scott had a successful year and told us all how do deal with our detractors in Hate On Me


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