Is God a Republican? Which candidate did evangelical Democrats vote for in Iowa caucuses?


If you watched coverage of the Iowa caucuses last week the only conclusion one could make is that God is a Republican.  Any discussion of evangelical Christians revolved around Republicans and Mike Huckabee.  When breaking down how Republicans voted it was reported that 60% of Mike Huckabees votes came from Evangelical Christians.

On the Democratic side you saw that Barack Obama won the young vote easily as well as the women vote. Obama had five times as many supporters over Clinton among those 30 and younger.

But what about Evangelical Democrats?  In the 5 hours of coverage I watched on Iowa caucus night I never saw any breakdown of Evangelicals on the Democratic side.  The media is misrepresenting how "born again" Christians may sway the Democratic outcome. 

It would be nice to know what percentage of Evangelicals who caucused with the Democrats voted for Obama.  According to USA Today more than half of Republican caucus goers said they were born-again or evangelical Christians.  In a state like Iowa Evangelicals make up the huge percentages of the population.  

We hear over and over again that Obama won a state that was 97% white.  Is someone trying to tell me that only white Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, agnostics, and seekers voted for him?  That doesn't even make sense.

The 48 people who caucused in the living room of the Raines home (shown on CNN) in Persia (IA) seemed no different than anyone coming out of the Republican caucus in Des Moines.  If one were to assume, you would have to believe their rural background makes them more likely to be "born again" Christians than anything else. 

I don't think the pollsters are asking the right questions and if so, the information is not getting out.    Contrary to popular belief Heaven is not a red state.


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