On the Eve of Super (Duper) Tuesday, excitement/axiety abound


Elizabeth said it best in a recent comment on Dallas South. Her comment was “As an Obama supporter, I’m so nervous and so excited all at the same time!”

Like Elizabeth I’m an Obama supporter. Like Elizabeth, I’m excited. And like Elizabeth, I’m nervous.

My hope is that Super Tuesday decides nothing in regards to the Democratic Presidential nominee. I guess I could hope for a decisive Obama victory, but there is nothing to suggest that either of these candidates will distinguish themselves by way of delegates on Tuesday.

So far the process has been a roller coaster. Obama’s win in Iowa was unforeseen, and allowed many of us to believe and fully throw our support behind the junior Senator from Illinois. Then all the polls suggested Sen. Obama would win New Hampshire and that wasn’t the case.

In Nevada, things seemed up, but Sen. Hillary Clinton took the state…..or did she? Obama received 13 delegates from Nevada while Clinton only gained 12. So I see Nevada as a positive.

South Carolina was rough. Former President Clinton disappointed me, and many others who have been supportive of he and his wife through the years. Obama soundly defeated Clinton and Edwards, but Bill tried to downplay the significance of the victory.

Since then President Clinton has thankfully taken a back seat and the Democratic race has become much more civil. Edwards dropped out, the Kennedy’s (well most of them) have endorsed Obama, and Oprah is out on the stump.

The energy is building and the tide is rolling. For example, look at the “Yes We Can” video below. When I posted it on Sunday morning it had been viewed 84,000 times. As of Monday night it had been viewed 1,022,000 times.

I have no predictions about Tuesday other than voter turnout will be high. This continues to be a good sign for the Democrats and those who plan to support them in November. Let’s talk more at 8 P.M. Central right here for the Dallas South Live Blog Event.

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