Barack Obama addresses enthusiastic crowd at Duncanville’s Meadows Arena

On Thursday, Senator Barack Obama made a stop at Sandra Meadows Memorial Arena in Duncanville. About 45 minutes before Sen. Obama was scheduled to address his supporters, the Arena had filled to capacity. Those arriving late were sent to the football stadium where audio of his speech could be heard.

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Before the junior senator from Illinois reached the stage, a a smallish gentleman with greying hair approached the microphone. Fifty-nine year old Richard Perkins introduced Obama. The contractor, with his tape measure still attached to his pants pocket, told those assembled that he was voting for Obama because of the changes he could make for working families.

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As the Senator entered the arena, chats of “OH-BAH-MAH” rang out. “We love you,” screamed one supporter. “Si Se Puede,” shouted another. Obama said he stopped by to see those who could not get inside the rally before making his way to the podium. He lead off by thanking Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson for her support. Some of the faces in the crowd included Sen. Royce West, Rep. Yvonne Davis, State Rep. Terri Hodge, Judge Victor Lander, NAACP President Casey Thomas, Councilman Dwaine Caraway, and City Plan Commissioner Mike Davis.

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The senator stuck to the main themes of his campaign at the rally; keeping jobs in America, making college more affordable, keeping special interests at bay. He rarely referred to his opponent, keeping the focus on his plan for America. It was his general campaign stump speech, but his supporters loved it none the less. Obama even took a few questions at the end of the rally.

Senator Obama will hold a “Stand for Change Rally” tonight at the Ft. Worth Convention Center. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the rally begins at 8:00 p.m.


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