The African-American voting block is not new or limited to black candidates

al-gore.jpgJust a brief point on the assertion that black folks are voting for Obama because he’s black. The more accurate position on the subject is that African-Americans tend to like the same candidate.

kerry.jpgWhy didn’t CNN et. al produce story after story on the fact that 90% of black candidates voted for Al Gore in the 2000 election? Why no follow up on the fact that John Kerry received 88% of the black votes in the 2004 Presidential election.

To look back farther, Bill Clinton carried 84% of the black vote in 1996 and 83% in 1992. I didn’t hear any complaining about black voters being racist back then.

The fact of the matter is that African-Americans tend to see politics in a similar manor. We are not monolithic, but the numbers don’t lie here.

The black politicians that are complaining over their constituents disdain for their support of Hillary Clinton should not be surprised. It’s their fault for not waiting to determine the will of the people before pledging their support for one candidate or the other. I mean they do still represent the people right?

Read more about the African-American voting block in presidential elections here and here.

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