David Paterson of New York poised to become state’s first black governor


Word out of New York is that a transition plan is in the works between New York Governor Elliot Sptizer’s office and that of Lieutenant Governor David Paterson. The New York media is having a frenzy around the governor’s involvement in a prostitution ring.

That means Paterson is next in line to assume the governorship. The lieutenant governor, who is legally blind, has an has an extremely impressive resume. Paterson was born in Brooklyn, got his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and studied law at Hofstra. In addition:

  • In 2002, David Paterson was elected minority leader of the New York State Senate.
  • In 2004 in Boston, he became the first visually impaired person to address a Democratic National Convention.
  • 2006 saw Mr. Paterson make history again by being elected New York’s first African-American lieutenant governor.
  • He currently serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia’s School for International and Public Affairs.

According to the New York Lieutenant Governor website, he lives in Harlem with his wife, Michelle, and their two children, Ashley and Alex. He is the son of Basil Paterson, the first non-white secretary of state of New York and the first African-American vice-chair of the national Democratic Party.

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