2nd Annual Dallas South Basketball Challenge ready to roll

basketball_01.jpgMany of you reading this message had no idea who or where Dallas South was this time last year. But this is a time where we take a few moments away from the serious stuff to have some fun with the Dallas South Basketball Challenge.

Here’s your change to pit your bracketology skills against me and other hoop enthusiasts around the world. There is NO COST to enter, and the winner (if you beat me) receives $100.

1. First start by clicking here or entering the following web address to your browser:


2. Establish a CBS Sportsline account.

3. Revisit the above link.

4. Then use the following password: pegasus

From there, the rules are pretty straight forward. For each correct pick in Round 1 you are awarded one (1) point, and in Round 2 you will be awarded two (2) points for each team that you correctly have going into the Sweet 16.

For Round 3 the points increase to four (4), and then 8 points for each team that you have left in the Final Four. Sixteen (16) points will be awarded for each team correctly picked in the National Final and thirty-two (32) points to all who select the National Champion.

Each participant may enter as many as two (2) brackets.

Deadline for entries is 10 AM Central Time on Thursday.

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