Day of Blogging For Voter Justice an overwhelming success

I have to give MAD PROPS to Yobachi Boswell and his leadership in the Hillary Clinton Must Concede campaign.  His vision, along with  that of the Afrosphere Action Coalition produced an even that has already gained traction in some mainstream media outlets.

Now it’s time for you to do your part.  The easiest way to make your voice heard is sign the petition asking the junior Senator from New York to leave the presidential race.   You can also send a letter to the Democratic National Committee.

Mailing Address:
Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Call the DNC’s main phone number at 202-863-8000  and ask to speak with Howard Dean.  Tell Dean(‘s voicemail) that it’s time for him to step up and end this madness.  Click here to send them an email.

There were at least 30 blogs that participated in the Day of Blogging for Voter Justice.  Those include:

1. Francis L. Holland

2. D. Yobachi Boswell

3. Villager

4. PurpleZoe

5. Sojourner’s Place

6. Vanessa Byers

7. JD

8. MrsGrapevine

9. Sincere

10. Credo

11. Black Women in Europe

12. Belizebound

13. Shawn Williams

14. MarvalusOne

15. Rock &

16. Anne-Marie McReynolds


18. Phil


20. Gunfighter

21. Tom

22. InvisibleWoman

23. Baratunde and

24. Marcus E. Carter

25. Terry Howcott

26. profacero

27. Michael Fisher

28. that girl boo

29. Janet Shan

30. Promethus6

This is just the beginning. It ain’t over.

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