Le Bron James ‘Vogue’ Magazine Cover Controversy – What do you think?


I wanted to get some opinions of what the Dallas South Family thinks about King LeBron James on the latest cover of Vogue magazine with model Gisele Bundchen. The assertion is that James is striking a King Kongesque pose and Gisele is Vogue’s version of Fay Wray.

It’s more than an assertion, it’s an artistic reality.

Whoever was in charge of this photo shoot was OBVIOUSLY going for the King Kong reference. Photographers get paid to see things that no one else does. Even the irony of a pose like this would not have escaped mention.

Everybody’s favorite Jason Whitlock writes exactly what I would expect him to write. In his piece Am I supposed to be mad about LeBron?, Whitlock says the following:

  • According to the allegations, King James looks like King Kong clutching Fay Wray on the latest cover of Vogue, and the image, according to potential handbook writers, “conjures up this idea of a dangerous black man.”
  • Hmm, to LeBron and his handlers, he looks like LeBron clutching a pretty white woman on the latest cover of Vogue, and the image conjures up the idea that LeBron can race up court with a basketball and a supermodel.
  • Vogue put a mirror in our face, and we’re complaining about the reflection. Half the black players in the NBA take the court each night in front of white audiences tatted from neck to toe like they’re shooting a scene for Prison (Fast)Break.

LeBron’s handlers, nor Jason Whitlock, are stupid enough to miss the King Kong/Fay Wray element of the above photo. The question is not whether it was intended, because it is what it is. The question is how do people feel about it. It’s art, and art is up for interpretation.

My interpretation is that this photo doesn’t capture LeBron James “exactly as he is” as asserted in the Whitlock piece. Kevin Garnett, maybe, though I still wouldn’t like the art. But this does not capture Le Bron James the basketball player in any form.

I see diametrically opposed images in this photo: An angry black male, a smiling white female. That’s the image, only the artist’s reasoning behind the image is up for interpretation.

lebron-1.jpg lebron2.jpg si_cover.jpg lebron3.jpg

But Jason, LeBron, his handlers, et. al, are welcome to their opinion. I hardly fall on the same side as Whitlock on any issue. But I’ll have to claim artistic differences with the crew on this one.

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