Top 10 Black Blogs – April 2008: Dallas South at #105


Electronic Village has released the latest Black Blog Rankings for April 2008. Dallas South comes in ranked at #105 of the 1046 blogs tracked this month. That’s up from 850 blogs last month.

Below are the Top 10 Black Blogs ranked by Villager as well as honorable mentions. Currently, Villager uses Technorati authority to compile the list. The number in parenthesis is the authority or number of websites that refer to a given blog. Thanks Villager for all the work you put into this list.

1. Gossip for the Hardcore (1194)
2. Pam’s House Blend (1166)
3. Concrete Loop (1035)
4. Nah Right (788)
5. Oliver Willis (632)
6. Crunk & Disorderly (626)
7. Young, Black & Fabulous (603)
8. La Shawn Barber’s Corner (499)
9. Jack and Jill Politics* (471)
10. The Field Negro* (380)

HONORABLE MENTION (11-25): What About Our Daughters*, Afro Bella, Young, Black, and Fabulous (blogspot version), Real Talk NY Provides The Latest Hip Hop News, Entre mes Lignes, Keith Boykin, Ill Doctrine, Clutch Magazine, A Hot Mess!, Angry Black Bitch, How To Split An Atom, Love B. Scott, Kenyan Pundit, Rod 2.0:Beta and Mudd Up!

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