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If you find that the information on Dallas South is beneficial and you would like to make a contribution, please use one of the options below. The amount you donate is entirely up to you.

Why donate? I would like to spend as much time as possible bringing you information that is often overlooked from a perspective that is often ignored. I plan to do this by creating new blog posts, articles, and interviews; by speaking to groups; and by being an advocate on behalf of those who this nation seems to have forgotten — always with the primary intention of serving the highest good of all.

This summer, I plan to attend the Blogging While Brown Summit, as well as the Democratic National Convention (God willing). Your contribution would help with costs associated attending these events as well as the purchase of necessary equipment.

If you want to support us and our mission to help others, please make a contribution. Any amount is appreciated.

To make a donation via PayPal, credit card, or e-check, please click the button below:

To send a donation via check, money order, or cash, please send me an email at and I will let you know where to mail it.



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