Dallas South to appear on Wednesday’s NPR -News and Notes

npr_newsnotes_300.jpg I’m pleased to announce that I have been invited to participate in the Bloggers Roundtable on NPR’s News and Notes hosted by Farai Chideya this coming Wednesday April 23rd. Also on the roundtable will be Valencia Roner from Diary of a Content Black Woman, and Kevin Ross from Three Brothers and a Sister.

Speaking of News and Notes, their week long focus on Atlanta was off the chain. The pride with which all of the Atlantans spoke of their city was inspiring. If you get a chance, go back and listen to their shows online or subscribe to the News and Notes Podcast.

I’ve included stations in Texas and Pennsylvania that carry News and Notes below. You can also click here to find out whether N&N is carried in your state. The podcast will probably be available before the show comes on here Wednesday night. I’m guessing one of our topics will be the PA Primary and where the Democratic race stands. Finally here’s the feed for the News and Notes Podcast.

WHYY-FM 90.9 Philadelphia Mon – Fri, 09:00PM-10:00P
KERA-FM 90.1 Dallas Mon – Fri, 09:00PM-10:00PM
KTSU-FM 90.9 Houston Mon – Fri, 12:00PM-01:00PM
KPVU-FM 91.3 Prairie View Mon – Fri, 05:00PM-06:00PM

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