Ed Rendell and Minister Louis Farrakhan

I have 21 posts saved as drafts that will probably never be published. One of them that I started on March 26th was titled "Should Ed Rendell, Hillary Clinton surrogate, denounce and reject Minister Louis Farrakhan?"

Well of course the Pennsylvania governor can't denounce and reject the minister. Not after all the praises he has showered upon him.

minister-and-rendell.jpgIt was Roland Martin who first emailed me the New York Times story of Ed Rendell's support of Minister Farrakhan while mayor of Philadelphia. What's so shameful is that Ed Rendell, Jack Kemp, and many others realize the truth and acknowledge it while Clinton and others harp on the fears of everyday Americans who may not know better.

Hillary Clinton, just like most on the right, wants to play politics with the minister when the boots on the street reality just isn't what it's made out to be. Wisdom brings understanding, and The Nation of today is not The Nation of 25 or 30 years ago, plain and simple. John McCain is in Selma telling people that he admires those who marched on Bloody Sunday and I'm supposed to believe it. Min. Farrakhan tells us he has rethought some of his previous positions and there's no way his heart can change.

So what says Rendell? Hopefully he will tell the truth. That he meant every word that he said that day, and we can leave it at that.

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