Brett Shipp is at it again, runs another story about SOC

Thursday night I was participating in my weekly ritual, watching Lost with my wife. We record the show each week so we always catch the first 3 minutes of Channel 8 news after the credits.

I must say I was surprised to see Brett Shipp launching another attack against South Oak Cliff and Coach James Mays II. This time, Shipp included Kansas forward and former Golden Bear standout Darrell Arther in his ambush.

First, you must know that the UIL has not stripped South Oak Cliff of their 2006 State Title. DISD volunteered to give up the title in hopes of avoiding more negative publicity ahead of their billion dollar bond vote. To date, there has been no real investigation and no one has been implicated of wrong doing.  As a matter of fact the small investigation that has taken place cleared SOC and the administration of wrongdoing.

Here I must give props to ESPN Radio’s Michael Irvin. Sports Talk Radio is fertile ground for media assaults on black men. But Mike has used his show to bring some balance to that lopsided perspective.

Irvin sought out Coach Mays on Friday and allowed him to come on the air and explain his side of the story.  Mays reiterated the fact that SOC has done nothing wrong .  There is a lot that could be said of SOC’s accusers and I commend coach for not falling into the trap. And why didn’t Brett Shipp just set up an interview with Coach Mays from the beginning, rather than busting into practice with camera’s rolling?

And here’s the kicker:

When is it O.K., rather legal to air a students grades on television? I double dog dare Belo 8 to air the grades of a student from Southlake or Highland Park.  There’s a law regarding the privacy of a student’s grades but I haven’t tracked it down yet.

Hopefully at some point DISD will at least denounce the fact that their former students’ grades have been blasted out on T.V. And they should either launch a true investigation of the matter and publish the findings, or stand up to Channel 8 and Brad Shipp for using these questionable sources for their muckraker smear campaigns.

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