Jena 6 Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr. Put on Trial

From Color of – I will be updating you on the developments this Friday.

Jena 6 Judge Put on Trial
Lawyers Cite Clear Pattern of Bias, Demand Removal of Judge Mauffray

Jena, LA–Citing powerful evidence of Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr.’s bias against them, five of the African-American youth known as the Jena 6 are back in court next week seeking to remove Mauffray from their cases.

Legal documents filed in the proceedings reveal Judge Mauffray’s personal vendetta against the Jena 6. Among other incidents, Mauffray characterized the young men as violent trouble-makers and confessed his intent to incarcerate one of the youth—regardless of the strength of the evidence. Given Mauffray’s documented inability to preside over a fair trial for these youth, their legal teams have requested that a new judge be appointed to handle all Jena 6 related proceedings.

“Judge Mauffray is the man at the center of Jena’s broken justice system and now he is forced to justify his bias in a court of law with the entire nation watching,” said James Rucker, Executive Director of, the 400,000 member group that has advocated on behalf of the Jena 6. “These proceedings are an opportunity to redeem Louisiana’s justice system in the eyes of the nation and provide the Jena 6 with their constitutional right to a fair trial.”

On Friday, all of the remaining Jena 6 defendants will make a united call for Mauffray’s removal from all future proceedings. Judge Thomas Yaeger will preside over this hearing and will hear arguments and evidence from both the Jena 6 legal teams and possibly Mauffray. The hearing should be open to the public and press.

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