Mark Davis offers advice to Hillary Clinton

I couldn’t help but laugh on Wednesday when I turned to the editorial page of the DMN and read a column written by WBAP’s Mark Davis (Time for Hillary to wait). In his article Davis suggests that there is still time for Democratic superdelegates to somehow come to their senses in support of the runner-up before the party’s convention.

As he calls on Hillary Clinton (yes I’m back to saying her name) to “suspend” her campaign, Davis is the last person I would expect her or any Democratic leader to go to for advice . Why would the guy who just last week filled in on the Rush Limbaugh Radio Program offer any form of constructive counsel to the Democrats?

Tuesday on his show, Davis equated Senator Barack Obama to a rock star and warned Democrats against running a candidate with style over substance. You’d think if anyone would be able to identify style over substance it would be Mark Davis.

Eight years ago, he and his cohorts stumped for George W. Bush, a man less read, less traveled, and less accomplished than most anyone elected to serve in the oval office.

Mr. Davis may not recognize authoring two books as subtance, but I think it counts for something. During his first campaign, our current president openly admitted to hardly ever reading a book, never mind writing one.

Senator Obama’s experience is often called into question, yet he has served more time as an elected official (12 years) than Abraham Lincoln (10), Jimmy Carter (10),  Ronald Reagan (8), or George W. Bush (6) did prior to taking office.  Add Hillary Clinton and her 8 years in the Senate to that mix.
I know full well why Mr. Davis and the rest of the conservative talking heads are asking superdelgates to reconsider. It’s because they realize their party of choice is short on new ideas and they know that their candidate will have a tougher time defeating Senator Obama in November. Whether its for U.S. Senate or dog catcher, Republicans are vulnerable in elections all across the country. They’re just throwing anything against the wall to see what sticks.

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