All Clinton All the time: Did Hillary Clinton win the nomination?

I have not turned on a television set since Saturday without hearing about the plight of Hillary Clinton.

I check out the mainstream websites and there is more Clinton news than Obama.

Now I’m ready to make nice with Senator Clinton’s supporters, I really am. But isn’t this getting a little ridiculous? Yes I know 22% of her voters said they would stay at home this summer. And yes another 17% said they would actually vote for John McCain. I get that, I really do.

But come on, really. Is it that serious? It’s a long summer, people will have plenty of time to get to know the two remaining candidates better and we’ll see how these feelings may or may not have changed.

Do you need to ask Obama everyday whether he’s going to put Hillary Clinton on the ticket? We know Hillary Clinton supporters are bitter…..oops, I mean disappointed. (I hear Campbell Brown talking about Bill Clinton’s “scumbag” remarks in the background). Yet in the end, they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do.

If Clinton voters don’t want to vote for Obama because he’s black so what. Check your white sheets at the door on the way into the voters booth.

If working class white women want to hold Senator Clinton’s decision not to contest the caucus states against Barack Obama, so be it. Wait until you get a load of the “strict constrictionist” Supreme Court judges McCain nominates. They’ll make Bush nominees Roberts and Alito look like Ruth Bader Ginsberg

And if loyal Democratic voters want to send a message in honor of Mrs. Clinton by voting for 4 more years of George W. Bush policies go right ahead. Ask those black folks who put Bush in office last time for “moral” reasons if they would like a do over.

In the end, this is an election about Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. The infighting and discord that lasted throughout the Spring was a ratings bonanza to all of the big networks. They are trying their best to keep the drama going. But it is time for everyone to just move on. I know it will take time for loyal Clinton voters, but the networks have no excuse. I won’t go back to my policy ignoring the junior senator from New York, but I won’t report anything regarding Mrs. Clinton unless there is something to report.


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