Mike Davis joins Barack Obama’s Urban Policy Committee

mike-d.jpgI am proud to announce that Dallas Superblogger Mike Davis has joined Senator Barack Obama’s Urban Policy Committee. Many of Dallas South’s readers are familiar with Mike’s work via his blog Dallas Progress.

Mike D. has been recognized by D Magazine, the Dallas Observer for his work helping to close down hot sheet motels and knock down drug houses in the community. He also serves on the Dallas City Plan Commission.

As President, Senator Obama plans to create a White House Office of Urban Policy to develop a strategy for metropolitan America, and Obama will appoint a Director of Urban Policy who will report directly to him, as president, to “coordinate all federal urban programs.”

Click here to see Senator Obama’s official position on Urban Policy. On his website, Obama says there is a failing commitment to America’s economic centers:

Today, government programs aimed at strengthening metropolitan areas are spread across the federal government with insufficient coordination or strategy. Worse, many federal programs inadvertently undermine cities and regions by encouraging inefficient and costly patterns of development and local competition.

Back to the news at hand, congrats to Mike D., who we may even see on T.V. discussing the Senator’s Urban Policy. Obama and his people could not have selected a better person.

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